AA Roadside Recovery

Travelling home from Leeds on Friday.  Should have taken 3 1/2 – 4 hours.  At 5:20 my bike dies on the A1.  No juice in the battery.  No worries, I belong to the AA.  They’ll fix or recover my bike.  So I phone them on my mobile.  ETA 6:00 pm.  Cushty.

At 6:40 pm they phone me back.  They have called a garage out.  ETA 7:20.  Two hours after my breakdown?  Round about sunset?  Yep.

At 6:45 pm they phone me again.  The garage isn’t coming out now.  No ETA.

Silence again.  I have my mobile switched on, but I don’t want to use it too much as I am low on power.

At 7:35 I phone them.  What’s happening?  As my battery is low they’ll phone me back straight away.

More silence.  At 7:50 I am still on the side of an unlit main road in the dark.  I am cold, hungry and stroppy.  I yet again phone them.  Just before they can make up another ETA lie, my battery fails completely.

8:15 the AA man arrives.  He can’t recover me, because the verge is too soft.  He will have to call the police to close the road.  But just in case he takes his jump leads to my battery.  Just enough juice to get the bike started and to the service station 1/2 mile down the road.

I eventually get home at 01:15.

It’s bad enough they left me by the roadside for 3 hours.  But their fictional ETA’s and lack of communication made it a whole bunch worse.

I wrote an email of complaint on Sunday.  Their website says they will respond within two days.  Yesterday I got an email saying they will respond in five days.  Even their customer complaint ETA’s can’t be trusted.


About snodlander
Snodlander is the nom de plume of Bob Simms. He is an IT trainer, but it's not as glamourous as it sounds. When he's not enthralling classes with adventures through SQL Server, he writes, draws and drinks his own home-brew. Buy his novel on Amazon Kindle at The Young Demon Keeper, It's 74p, for crying out loud!

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