Things were going too good

I finished at Stockholm about 16:00.  Manu was going back to Finland.  Did I want to go to the bar after 5?  Thanks for the offer, but I have an 8 o’clock flight.

There was a taxi lurking outside.  I was at the airport for 16:45.  I wandered around for ages.  I bought a sandwich and cup of tea.

I was at the gate at 18:30, bored.  I tried to cat-nap on the chair.  Then the display announced that the flight was delayed for an hour.  Boredom was now a major factor.  I wish I had gone to Joe’s now.  I could do with a beer, but all my Kronas have gone.  I did every puzzle in the Express.  Eventually we boarded.  Took off after 21:00.

The approach went over the city of London.  We banked over the Millenium dome, then followed the Thames.  Impressive at night.  Landed about 22:20.

I am going to have to catch the tube into central London, then train to Chatham.  That is, if there is a train at that time.  The tube station is miles from the check-in.  Literally.  Good job I don’t have to wait for baggage.  When I get there I cannot find my ticket anywhere (it turned up this morning at the bottom of my bag).  I buy a new tube ticket and the tube train leaves about 23:00.

I got to Victoria about 23:50, thanks to a sprint to make the connection at Green Park.  The last Chatham train is at 00:04.  Of course there is a queue at the ticket office.  Two windows, both have women that are asking questions about various routes at various times.  There is a big digital clock.  The seconds are ticking down.  I get to the window after the clock has already shown 00:00.  I sprint down the concourse, ticket in hand.  Rent-a-hazard in the form of a slow-moving woman with wheely bag in tow crosses my path.  I hurdle her bag with ease.  I collapse into the seat less than a minute to go.

She has waited up for me, bless her.  We get home after 01:00.  With the time difference that’s a 10 hour journey.  At least I have a full weekend at home.


About snodlander
Snodlander is the nom de plume of Bob Simms. He is an IT trainer, but it's not as glamourous as it sounds. When he's not enthralling classes with adventures through SQL Server, he writes, draws and drinks his own home-brew. Buy his novel on Amazon Kindle at The Young Demon Keeper, It's 74p, for crying out loud!

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