My little girl is all growed up

So at the weekend we took our Darling Daughter to Bath.  She is starting university there in the autumn.  She wanted to go down early "to get a job before the rest of the new intake get there".  Yeah, right.  She is going to stay with wimp-boy in his new flat until she gets into halls of residence.
They got engaged in April.  I found out on Ebay.  He was too scared to tell me, let alone ask me for her hand.
So we drove down to Bath on Sunday, Er Indoors navigating.  Nuff said.  We found the street that wimp-boy has his flat in.  ‘Street’ is generous.  It has just enough room to gently manouver a car along.  Which is his place?  We don’t know.  Darling daughter gets on the phone.  He eventually appears and directs us to a private parking space.  "It’ll be OK just to unload".  I’m not convinced, but there appears to be no choice, so we park and unload her gear.
He has a garage.  He hasn’t looked in it yet, but I can park there if he can find it.  The flats are built into the side of a hill.  The garages are under the flats.  I see him go to the chain across the driveway, so I go down to the car and edge down the street.
He can’t open the padlock on the chain.  He has given the key to his flatmate.  He can open the garage though.  However, it is full of junk, even if I could lift the car over the chain.  By now there is a car waiting to come the other way.  Reversing up the hill and into a tight space across a driveway makes the clutch smell ominouosly. 
I decide to park in a neighbouring street.  I go down the street and turn into the neigbouring road.  This road doesn’t mess about.  It goes straight up the hill at about 45 degrees.  I park, wheels locked into the kerb, gearstick left in first.  I feel as though I am strapped into Disney’s Space Mountain ride.
And then to lunch.  Darling daughter is a vegan, and of course that means wimp-boy has become vegetarian.  There’s a place ‘just around the corner’ we can walk to.  20 minutes later we get to the pub.  It serves decent real ale, but I am driving.  Darling Daughter doesn’t drink, so of course neither does wimp-boy.  I salivate over the ales but have an orange juice.  What a wasted opportunity.  The food is OK, all vegetarian but I think they must have grown the food to order, because it takes over half an hour to arrive.  The walls are covered in gig posters and the place is full of weirdos.  A student bar, obviously.
We say goodbye.  Er Indoors hugs Darling Daughter.  Darling Daughter and I exchange an awkward glance.  She knows I want to hug her, but she normally won’t let me near her.  She opens her arms.  I nearly blub when we hug, but I am so happy.  I got a hug!
We strap into Space Mountain to go home.  I dispense with Her navigating duties, for I am a Man, and therefore know the best route from anywhere to anywhere.  As we got to Reading I nip across country.  The M3 interchange with the M25 is always less congested than the M4.
We sit on the M3 for over a pigging hour, just to move one junction.  Bloody selfish driver has overturned his car and blocked three carriageways!
When we eventually get back home number 2 sprog has already moved into her bedroom.

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Snodlander is the nom de plume of Bob Simms. He is an IT trainer, but it's not as glamourous as it sounds. When he's not enthralling classes with adventures through SQL Server, he writes, draws and drinks his own home-brew. Buy his novel on Amazon Kindle at The Young Demon Keeper, It's 74p, for crying out loud!

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