Why Indesit Sucks

We  have an Indesit washer/dryer.  It broke down.  Fair enough, these things happen, and we have an insurance policy with Domestic and General, so that’s Ok then.  Indesit sent an engineer round to us on the eighteenth July, who ordered a part for us and arranged for a visit on the twenty-fourth.  Peachy.
On the morning of the twenty-fourth we got a phone call from Indesit, cancelling the visit.  The engineer was sick, and presumably he was the only one they had.  We had a new appointment for the twenty-fifth.
On the morning of the twenty-fifth we got a phone call from Indesit.  Yes, they were cancelling the appointment again, they didn’t have the part.  (Didn’t they realise that the day before?)  They would send an engineer on the thirty-first.
On the morning of the thirty-first, guess what?  The engineer was sick, and couldn’t make it.  I bet he wasn’t as sick as I was becoming with Indesit.  They rebooked the appointment for the following day, the first of August.
On the morning of the first, surprise, surprise.  Indesit phoned again to cancel, citing the wrong part being sent.  (Did they not think to check it when it arrived?)  A new appointment was made for the seventh.  Yes, they did realise how pissed off they were making me.  That was four days before my daughter’s wedding, and I wanted a clean shirt for the ceremony?  No worries.  This time, honest, it would all be OK.
On the seventh they were running out of new excuses, and went back to the old one of not having the part.  They’ll definitely call on the fourteenth, really, really, really.  The missus, wound up like a watch-spring over the final wedding preparations, went to def con II.  No, sorry, they couldn’t tell us morning or afternoon, it would be sometime between 08:00 and 18:00.
They didn’t phone on the fourteenth.  They did naff-all on the fourteenth.  Nada.  Zip. 
On the fifteenth I phoned up to find out what was going on.  I was told to wait till 09:00, then phone customer services.  The woman who answered is in dire need of customer service training.  Things break; we know this.  How you deal with that can win you customers for life.  This woman didn’t seem to understand.  Our machine, unseen for almost a month by an engineer, was suddenly diagnosed as unrepairable, and a replacement one was being sent by Domestic and General.
Why had we not been told?  Don’t know.  How could the diagnosis suddenly change without an engineer seeing it?  Don’t know.  Could I get a copy of what was on her screen?  No, it was physically impossible.
By this time I was ready to spit feathers.  I pointed out that the Data Protection Act made it an offence not to supply printed details if requested.  She maintained it was impossible to do so.  Stuff it!  Under the Data Protection Act I demanded a printout of all my details and details of all the calls I had ever made.  She told me she would see if that was possible, but in a tone of voice that screamed she wasn’t going to even try.
I contacted D&G.  They hadn’t had the details yet, call back Friday.  I was so furious by this stage, I wrote a letter demanding my rights under the Data Protection Act and mailed it recorded delivery to Indesit.  They have a maximum of forty days to respond.  I will push for a prosecution if they haven’t responded by then.  I’ve marked it in my diary.  Mr Bloody Furious here.
So today I phoned D&G and talked to a terribly polite man called Aiden.  Yes, we were getting a replacement washer/dryer.  There would be a delivery charge of £30.  This on top of the six, count them, six wasted days when Indesit couldn’t be bothered to do what they were contracted to.  Aiden sympathised.  It came across as genuine.  Yes, he agreed, I had been treated badly.  Leave it with him, and he would see if he could get the delivery charge waived as a gesture of goodwill.
Are you reading this, Mr Indesit?  That’s how you treat customers with a complaint!  That’s how you turn a potential problem into a happy, loyal customer.  On the other hand, you might like to have royal pains in the arse as customers, because (pose against the setting sun like Scarlett O’Hara) As God is my witness, as God is my witness they’re not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never wear a dirty shirt again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I’ll never wear a dirty shirt again.  But I will do whatever I legally can to be a thorn in the side of Indesit, and I’ll be damned if I ever buy one of their products again.

About snodlander
Snodlander is the nom de plume of Bob Simms. He is an IT trainer, but it's not as glamourous as it sounds. When he's not enthralling classes with adventures through SQL Server, he writes, draws and drinks his own home-brew. Buy his novel on Amazon Kindle at The Young Demon Keeper, It's 74p, for crying out loud!

One Response to Why Indesit Sucks

  1. Dan MILU says:

    You have all my compassion for what happened to you and all my admiration for the last part of your story. Sometimes anger gets out the writer / sense of humour from inside us!

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