Books, lies and videotape

I’m blessed with a family that all get on well.  A couple of years ago close to twenty of us holdiayed together in Portugal.  Tony and I, plus wives, went out there again last year.  We often have family get-togethers.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised when Tony posted a video for me, quite unasked for, promoting Unawares.  Catch it at


Busy, busy

It’s been a busy week this week.  That is to say, I have been stuck in a hotel with nothing to do from about 5 pm each evening, so I’ve been busy on the book front.

Unawares is now free in its Kindle edition for five days.  This is the novel I’ve entered for this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  Last year The Young Demon Keeper got through to the semi-finals.  Personally, I think this novel is stronger, but we shall have to see.

And I’ve finally got round to compiling some of my short stories into a compendium, The 07:24 to Cannon Street.  Download it now on Kindle, or wait for the paperback on Amazon any hour now.

Happy reading.

The downloads continue

The Young Demon Keeper’s final tally this week as of now is 1025.  Curiously, 12 of those appear to have happened after the free period.  I can’t be sure for a week or two, due to the way Amazon reports its downloads, but it looks as though some people actually paid for it.  What a wonderful surprise.  Now all I have to do is wait for the reviews…


Still waiting…

End of the Great Giveaway

The Young Demon Keeper now reverts to a pocket-busting $2.99.  Over the past 5 days it was downloaded 1013 times.  Bizarrely one copy was refunded (I want my o cents returned).  I was surprised by the 7 Germans who downloaded it.  Who knew they have a sense of humour?

So, have I lost 1013 sales?  I don’t think so.  Sales were pretty flat of my debut novel.  On the other hand, I sold 12 copies of my others, higher than normal.  If nothing else, it’s some free publicity.  I was a little dubious of it to start with, but on balance I think everyone wins.  So if you were one in a thousand ( and thirteen) thank you.  Please add a review if you think 0 cents was underpricing it.

Last day of freedom

Today is the last day the Young Demon Keeper is free.  Get it while it’s hot from or